MST Decal


MST decal in the color White or Silver.

Size 7.2 inches

Price is for TWO stickers


Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty - Wheel will be able to be balanced and have no warps when removed from the box. This does NOT cover damage done to wheel by driving (potholes, curbs, etc.)
1-Year Warranty on Paint Finishes


In order to prolong the longevity of the paint finish, please use simple water and soap to clean wheels. DO NOT use any chemical cleaners. Doing so will void the paint warranty and will most likely cause the clear coat to peel.

Return Policy

In order for returns to be accepted:

1. Inquiry must be made within 14 days of package arrival date.

2. NO TIRES mounted on wheels. Please test fit wheels BEFORE mounting tires onto wheels. There is NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. Upon return, wheels must be in ORIGINAL condition. Returns will NOT be accepted if wheels are damaged upon arrival.

4. ALL RETURNS are subjected to a 12% restocking fee. Also, we will NOT be responsible for return shipping.